06/2018 Mastertoaster Recordings is back. We will be moving our new catalogue to Bandcamp and will be starting the label from scratch. In this new adventures Mastertoaster will not be a "netlabel" anymore but we will keep the spirit of the old netlabel which means there will be free and commercial releases.

Since this is a second coming the label will renew energies as the home for Al Da Tosta projects  but also from other artists too that will keep the flame burning.  Just to prove we are not dead we are happy to announce a new album of  That Crooner´s vocaltronica soon! As appetizer please check out the new single "Funk off" in our new Bandcamp. Thanks for listening!

We want to thank all the people who collaborated with us as a "netlabel" and all the pople that supported us since 2005 until 2008 specially our friend Nooirax. Even we stopped releasing music this blog will remain and also the links to the releases from so if this is your first time here please check our old catalogue hosted by HERE.